Sewing Technology

  1. We use the best sewing machines to handle nylon tread , the material is the best PVC tarpaulin .our sewing use quadruple stitching with 12 shares bonded nylon thread to reinforce the quality.


  2. Material:The material for sewing inflatables is 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin that is water proof, fire retardant.

  3. We double stitch the entire unit and enhance all stress points at the bottom with fourfold stitching . Both outside and inside are double stitched for more strength.Each conner will be double and quadruple stitching.


  4. Reinforcement strips for product maximum strength.
    Double layer material are set to strengthen the jumping part as it’s one of the most serious places to be damaged .


  5. Drawstring or baffle at each deflation inside the inflatables .

  6. All our goods are equippd with at least 4 D-rings for safety. it’s easy enough for the user fasten them (the quantity is follow clients requirement ).

  7. Each inflatable product is designed with a strong zipper in the bottom for quick deflation and extra flap for force dispersion. For sake of security, the deflation part is designed with safe flap for sudden accidents. For example, if the blower stops working, the flap will slow down air leak and let people have enough time to get out of the product.

  8. Soft Ladder (only for slide )
    High-density sponge bricks are set to prevent children from being hurt in case they accidentally fall . Also we prepared fabric handrails at the two sides for the same purpose .
    And Removable sliding sheet assembled (only for slide)

  9. Buckle for water hose (only for water slide)
    Buckles added along from bottom to the top of water slide for customers to put water hose .

  10. Blower power and Blower Plug : 1500W ,1100W ,950W, 750W,680W,450W, 350W,330W ; European, American,Australia Plug ,


  11. We mainly have digital print, silk print and hand painting. We imported the Korean painting machine, it prints quickly and in good quality. The quality of print ink also meets the standard of SGS. Further more, we make a liquid protecting film on the surface of digital printing, the liquid protection is also imported from abroad. The high level painting makes our product will not be sticky and color fade, and sustain a long time.

Air Tight Technology

  1. Commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material.
    Ideally suited for watersports 0.9mm pvc material is the finest, commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC available. Each water inflatables unit uses 0.9mm pvc material for maximum strength and durability. The water inflatables incorporates 1000d fabric fused with layers of 32 oz PVC.

  2.  Hot air welded seams for high quality and outstanding durability.
    ‘HA’ or Hot Air Welding is the process used to fuse 0.9mm material seams for years of trouble free use. HA welding produces clean, strong seams with no unsightly glue marks or splits.


  3. STRONG handles. Incorporates heavy duty molded handles for convenient boarding and transport. Have Duty molded handles allow for convenient boarding and transport. The carry bag includes 2 moldes boarding handles.

  4. Heavy duty stainless fittings and convenient Interloc straps for modular use.
    All water inflatable park items connect to one another using the Interloctm system. Soft webbing offers some flexibility, while remaining tough enough for years of service.

  5. Materials specially treated for high resistance to the sun's damaging rays.
    UV damage is typically the biggest culprit in shortening the life of commercial watersports products. Consequently, each item is treated with UV, the highest grade 3 year UV coating available.


  6. Incorporates convenient climbing handles.   
    Convenient climbing handles allow for boarding and climbing while staying out of the way for other activities. The FUNWORLD water park includes plenty of climbing handles for easy access.