1: How many children can use a bouncy castle at once ?

This is a very broad question as it isreally hard to say as it depends on the size of the children and the size ofthe bouncy castle. Just to give you a rough idea of what the health and safetynumbers are, a standard 12 x 12 bouncy castle should have 5/6 children age 6ish years.

2: Can you inflatables set up indoor ?

Yes.  All of our units are able to beset up indoors, space permitting. We can set up inside gymnasiums, ball rooms,event halls, and any other space with a ceiling height of at least 15 feettall.

3: Are the inflatables safe ?

Absolutely! As long as all the rules outlined in the operator safety acknowledgement form are followed, and the unit is supervised at all times, they are very safe.

4: How long will it take to set up the inflatables ?

This is purely dependent on the location, site access and surface type on which you want to position the inflatable. As goods are inflatable, they are much more efficiently and easily set up.

5: Can you heat the inflatable tent ?

Yes, you can install the air conditioner inside the tent.

6: What kind of supervision is necessary ?

For the safety of all participants, we require you to provide at least one adult volunteer supervisor for each rental item at all times. Some of our larger items like obstacle courses and slides require two or more adult supervisors. Accidents on equipment generally come from these two things: too many children on the unit or the unit becomes unsecured. Supervisors regulate the flow of children entering and exiting the unit and monitor responsible play. They also check the equipment stakes and tie-down ropes. If wind or power failure occurs, the supervisor makes sure all the kids exit the unit and prevent kids from re-entering. We will give your volunteer supervisors a safety briefing so that they are properly trained.

7: What about rain and bad weather ?

Please keep in mind that inflatables and equipment cannot be operated in wind over 20mph. Rain will not damage the equipment, but depending on the item, may increase risk of injury.

8: What surfaces do you set up on ?

We can set up on Grass (our favorite and best for the kids), dirt, asphalt, and concrete. Sorry, we can't set up on any type of rocks as the constant rubbing will wear through the vinyl jumps.