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Quality Control

After you have a look at this page, you will know more information about our products and production line. You will be more confident on our products and your choice as Bouncyhouse Inflatables!

Specification,Character,Technical of products as following :

1.Material: We always use the best of 0.55mm pvc tarpaulin(18OZ) which is Fire Retardant,and water proof. The quality of the predominate material, vinyl, is the key element in determining the lifespan of the inflatable unit. The vinyl used on our inflatables has the highest tear strength and can withstand drastic changes in temperature without losing its vibrant color. As seen in the picture below the vase fabric of the vinyl is interwoven to maximize strength and durability making for a better end product. Our vinyl is also lead free providing for a sage and non-toxic playing environment. The material can withstand below 30 to over 70 degree Celsius

2.Craftwork: Reinforced seams with double & triple stitches at every joints,See the following photo.

3.Anchor Point: We will do Anchor Point for all the infatable units .It is used for fix the inflatale units on the ground well to avoid the strong wind.

4.Deflation details: We will make the deflation part with double zipper,it will be more durable.

5.Safe and convenient air flap: For the safety,we make safe flap inside the air tube,when the electricity is cut off and make the blower off suddenly,the flap will help stop the air let out too quickly.Then let the children have enough time to get out.

6.Printing: Hand printing for the inflatable units.Also,we can do it by digital printing as customer's requirement.

7.Sliding Sheet: For all the slides,we will do detachable Sliding sheet and attach with the high-duty velcro.

8.Safety giant slide climb: For giant slides, we specially design some ropes and fixation along the slide climb routeway as you can see from the picture. Players can grasp the ropes when they climb up the slide so that it is easier and safer to get on the top.

9.Packing details: For all inflatables pack by PVC tarpaulin,blower by cartons.

10.Repair Kit: We will provide Repair kits for all the inflatable units.

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